Frequently Asked Questions

We ship each month’s bundles by the 20th of every month! You must sign up before the end of the month in order to receive the next month’s bundle.

You’ll be updated at every step of the shipping process via email. For US residents, shipping take 3-7 days once it reaches the post office. International shipping takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on location! (We ship from Northern VA).

While we only use 100% authentic LEGO pieces, we are not affiliated with or sponsored by The LEGO Group.
Yes. All of our plans are auto-recurring unless cancelled. Cancellation is as easy as sending us an email! [email protected]
Cancellations can be made any time, but please email us before you are billed for the next period. If you subscribe to a 12-month plan, your cancellation will take effect prior to your next renewal, and you’ll still get the remaining bundles that you’ve paid for on your plan.

Either by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner or emailing us at [email protected]

Once your package is in the care of the FedEx/USPS, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages. In a perfect world – we would have ultimate control over the delivery system – but we are a very small business and are at the mercy of their mistakes – we also can’t be held responsible for a neighbor’s sticky fingers. If you think you have such neighbors – consider sending your package to a friend or to your work address. We do provide proof of shipment with the tracking link so you can follow it along its journey.

In the event that FedEx/USPS states that your package has been delivered to you, yet you did not receive it, you must contact your local post office within 24 hours of said delivery. Please understand that we cannot refund you for a package that shows it was delivered to you according to tracking. It is your responsibility to follow up to locate your package. We will do everything in our power to help you with the recovery process but ultimately it is your responsibility to follow through with your local post office first for the recovery of the missing package.

The world may not agree on many things, but if there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that Minifigs are for everyone! (Ages 4 and up, that is).

Whether you like to create your own characters for stop motion films, come up with intricate story plots using your Minifigs during playtime,  show them off to your friends at school, put them at your desk at work, or even collect them, you’re going to LOVE getting a bundle of Minifigs and accessories each month. 

Changes to your account (i.e. cancellations, address changes) are to be made NO LATER THAN the 1st of each month to allow enough time to make changes to your shipping label. Any changes requested after the 1st may not go into effect until the next month. 

To make changes, simply email us at [email protected] or click the chat button at the bottom right of your screen! We’ll be happy to help!


If your box is lost in transit or is not showing any updates 48 hours after receiving the tracking information, please contact us at [email protected].

Your monthly payment will reoccur each month on the same date as the initial sign up payment. (i.e. Sign up on May 14th and your payment will reoccur on the 14th of each following month).

You must sign up before the beginning of each month to receive that month’s bundle (i.e. Sign up before May 1st to receive the May Bundle). If you sign up on any date after the 1st, the next month’s bundle will be the first bundle that you receive.


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